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About Plastyc

We help Internet-connected consumers keep more of their money and spend it more responsibly.
Plastyc Inc. is a privately held US corporation with a principal office in New York. Our mission is to provide payment and money management services to anyone with Internet access who would rather not drive to a bank and wait in line there.
We address consumers of all ages, including teenagers (13-17), provided that an adult is involved in their enrollment to our services.
We also help companies get paid by consumers easily and efficiently, or even pay contributors out instantly and at no cost.

We have partnered with established financial institutions such as Meta Payment Systems, payment systems networks like Visa & Green Dot Corporation, and processors like Fidelity Information Services.

We are committed to adhering strictly to the industry rules and regulations, as required by our financial institutions partners: the USA Patriot Act, the Bank Secrecy Act, the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, the list checks of US Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control. We also maintain a strict Anti-Money Laundering policy.

Plastyc’s principals are veterans of the consumer and payment industries, with decades of experience at companies such as GemAlto, Oberthur, Unilever, Thomson/RCA, Sun Microsystems and Mobile365, a company in which both Visa and CitiBank were investors (now Sybase365)