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Flexibility with three plan options
With UPside, you get your choice of three different plans – UPSIDE CLEAR, UPSIDE ACCESS and UPSIDE EDGE!

PLAN OPTIONS UPside Clear UPside Access UPside Edge
Best to try UPside
for free. No ATM
Access. With ATM Access
and no strings
attached. Best value with a
flat fee of
$29.95 per year.
Membership fee FREE $2.99 monthly $29.95 annually
(Refunded based
on card activity*)
Load from Parent’s Checking/Savings Free on all three plans
Funds Load from Credit/Debit Card $2.50 convenience fee. Great for instant credit card reload.
Direct Deposit from Employers $2.50 per deposit Free on Edge and Access plans
Maximum balance $1,000 $2,000 $5,000
ATM Access No Full ATM Access in the US and abroad
Online Check Writing No Yes (if cardholder is 18 or over)
Rewards Program** Points credited for Sponsorship Program and UPside Mall purchases. Same as other
plans + Earn 1%
cash back on funds
Load $2,000 and the cardholder can redeem a $20 cash back reward.
Load $2,900 and redeem points for the entire $29.95 annual fee.
Load $4500 and the cardholder can redeem a $50 cash back reward.

There is no limit on how much cash back you can earn. For instance, load $5,800 and redeem $29.95 to your card twice!

Looking to move your teen’s allowance to plastic for FREE? UPSIDE CLEAR provides you with no-fee reloads (originating from a bank account) and no activation, monthly or yearly fee. It’s the best plan to try our payment card for free but unlike our other UPside plans, UPside Clear does not provide spending alerts, and is not usable for ATM transactions. We do not recommend this plan if your child will travel abroad.
Want flexibility and no commitment? Try our regular plan, UPSIDE ACCESS, at the low rate of $2.99 a month. This plan allows you to fund the card as-you-go from your bank account for free or from your credit card for $2.50. This plan also offers ATM access and for cardholders over 18 the online check writing service.
If you would like to get more for less, UPSIDE EDGE is the perfect choice for you: at an annual cost of only $29.95 ($35.88 on Access), your child will enjoy ATM access, free direct deposit if he/she has a part-time job, a higher maximum balance and the online check writing service if 18 or older. UPSIDE EDGE also offers 1% cash back on all funds received on the card*. The best choice if your child is 15 or over and a must-have if in college.