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The Peace of Mind That Parents Deserve
Safer than cash with Visa’s Zero Liability Policy if card is lost or stolen
Funds loaded are FDIC insured
Instant funding online or by phone. Perfect for emergencies, especially when your child is away from home
Control of Where, When and How Much Money Is Spent
It’s prepaid so your teen can only spend the amount you have loaded
Access all transaction details and receive alerts on card activity
More Convenient and Flexible
No more last minute trips to the ATM. Fund the card online or by phone
Flexibility of scheduling allowances weekly or monthly
No need to give your child your credit card details for online purchases
Cheaper Than Most Other Alternatives
Cheaper than most retail banks, with no minimum balance requirements
The UPside Card is the cheapest teen prepaid card currently available*
A Valuable Educational Tool
Teach your child how to pay with plastic with no risk of incurring a negative balance or debt
Direct Deposit allows your teen to get paid by employers
Your teen learns how to track spending and budget funds
A great short term savings instrument